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Exceptional brand design

GEMS combines award-winning marketing strategists and brand designers online
to offer you the best branding services for 2-3 times less than comparable top-rated offline agencies.

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Award-winning design
can be affordable

GEMS is an independent global branding agency established by top tier experts from the leading Moscow studios. The agency is built on cloud technologies and offers the full range of branding services globally.


We render services for the creation and promotion of corporate, consumer and retail brands, complying with the international
quality standards under considerable budget savings through optimization of the production cycle, maximum use of remote
work technologies and minimization of expenses for non-major specialists.

Expertise of the best strategists,
creators and brand-designers

GEMS only cooperates with professionals possessing more than 5-year profile experience in the leading Moscow and international agencies, such as BBDO, Depot WPF, Mildberry, DDVB and Leo Burnett, as well as experience of collaboration with big Russian and international brands.


Many of our specialists won awards of prestigious Russian and international contests in advertising and graphic design, such as Pentawards, Golden Drum, Moscow International Advertising Festival, Red Apple, Cresta Awards etc.


Founders and managers

Harry Bright
Harry Bright
An entrepreneur with 15-years experience
in marketing and advertising. A chairman
of the international entrepreneurial club.
Creative director of an advertising agency
since his third course of studies. Marketing director in a FMCG holding since he turned 23. Got his own business since he turned 26.
Ахмед Урманов
Akhmed Urmanov
An expert in international finance, accounting and controlling, and administrative director. Before his employment at GEMS, he used to work in the banking system for 9 years, headed the Accounting and Clearing Department for 4 years, and managed the activity of 40 bank branches.

A full set for a successful brand

You won't have to coordinate the work of several contractors in order to obtain a qualitative marketing-kit for your brand, since the managers of GEMS projects organize their work to be turnkey ready. A "single window" principle is not only convenient for a customer but is also helpful in achieving uniformity and agreement when designing and executing all materials - from strategy and brand design to development of a website, advertising campaign and corporate printed products.

Brand Platform
and Communication Strategy

We start each project with
a marketing analysis, i.e. learning
the product, competitors and target audience.
It helps to properly formulate the concept
of positioning and a communication strategy,
which are essential components
of a successful brand.

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Naming: Name, Descriptor,
Slogan and Brand Story

We develop not just a name but also
such elements of verbal identification
as a descriptor, slogan and brand story.
It helps to get across positioning
more accurately, to disclose name potential
to a fuller extent and to prepare a basis
for creation of all marketing materials.

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and Trademark

When working on the design of a logo
and trademark, we always take into account
their further scaling and use on media specific
for our business. Special attention is given
to a font solution: an experienced specialist
in typography is involved in every project.

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Corporate Style: Colors, Fonts
and Style-Forming Elements

The creation of qualitative materials must include
the following elaborated constants:
colors, fonts and style-forming elements.
When creating a style, we put in its basis
a simple and memorable concept - an idea
revealing brand nature and positioning in a creative manner.

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Package Design, Creation
and Promotion of New Products

The package by GEMS is a combination of a perfect
design and clear understanding of a marketing
strategy. Our experience is not limited to designing,
but we help our clients to create new
and update the existing products,
develop and launch advertising campaigns
and participate in exhibitions.

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and Shop Branding

Retail branding requires understanding of not only
marketing but also a technical aspect
of the matter. That is why an experienced
technologist is always engaged in our projects on retail
branding in order to perform structural engineering,
select materials and equipment and control the implementation.

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Brand Book and Guideline (Brand Guidelines - Brand Guide for a Corporate Style)

The developed materials and packed into a brand book
and a brand guide - documents containing detailed
description of a strategy and main brand attributes,
as well as verbal and visual constants and rules of their
application on various media. Formalized
standards enable achieving uniformity and high
quality of execution of all marketing materials.

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Marketing-Kit: a Full Set of
Presentation Materials

We create a full set of such marketing materials
as business documents and souvenir products,
corporate printed products, presentations, websites and pages in social networks, exhibition materials,
presentation videos, etc. In complex projects we
perform a function of a general contractor
by coordinating the work of profile studios.

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More than 200 projects for 2.5 years of work


The creation of a successful brand
begins with clear understanding
of a market niche, and abilities
of positioning and formulating
a clear marketing strategy. For
this purpose we conduct considerable
preparatory work: we enter
into the specificities of our
business or product, study your
competitors, target audience
and trends. And create a platform
of brand positioning and
a communication strategy
based on the detailed analysis.


A cycle of works on branding required
expertise in several spheres,
that is why, similarly to big
chain agencies, we have an expert
team to work on every task (from 3
to 10 specialists depending on the
complexity and budget): project manager,
analyst, strategist, creative director,
art-director, profile designers,
copywriters and technologists. GEMS
cooperates only with professionals
possessing more than 5-year profile
experience of work in the leading
Moscow and international agencies.


Having generalized long-term
experience of work in branding,
we have developed a detailed brand
guide for every service of our agency.
It contains detailed requirements and
rules for each aspect of development,
from requirements to specialists engaged
to the principles of organization,
execution and delivery of works at
every stage. It enables formalized
comprehensive quality control and
minimization of the effect of a human
factor without limiting team’s
creative potential.

Comments and Recommendations

– We have very strong views on the selection of companies to realize our marketing tasks. When cooperating with a new branding agency GEMS, we were pleasantly surprised by a high professional level of its specialists offering nonstandard solutions. Its team showed a creative approach combined with efficiency in execution of the set tasks. We are sure in trustworthiness and responsibility of company GEMS, so we can recommend it to you too.


Vice-President of Faberlic JSC (Top-100 of the biggest beauty companies in the world)
– We have chosen the agency GEMS to develop a trademark for a new commercial direction. They had to invent everything from the ground up: name, idea, logotype, corporate style and package. I am pleased to say that eventually after development of the trademark, conducting several exhibitions and the development of our catalogues and website, we made sure even more that GEMS performed perfect and qualitative work, and we made a right choice in its favor.


Manager of ТМ ONI (Group IEK, leading manufacturer of electrical products)
–Branding agency GEMS is our old partner in the sphere of creation and promotion of new products and projects. Over the course of our joint work the company showed itself as a strong contractor able to solve tasks of any scale and difficulty qualitatively and in time. Based on our favorable experience of cooperation, we deem it possible to recommend agency GEMS as a leader in rendering branding services and as a reliable business partner.


Director General of Nikitin LLC (Ecoholding Afanasy)

– Lefkadia LLC has been cooperating with GEMS’ team for 2 years. It is a creative, responsive, caring and patient company. Our team is demanding, and we spend a lot of time working on every model and every detail. GEMS always listens to our comments and offers variants on the way to perform the work as good as possible. Every task is carried out in a responsible manner and in time, which is always pleasant and makes us entrust our important works to the agency again and again.


Director General of Lefkadia LLC (a winemaking and recreation holding)
– GEMS possesses not only expertise in design but also serious competences in marketing and strategy. Being one of the leading operators in residential property, we mainly work with big advertising agencies. Our cooperation with a new company GEMS was a nonstandard solution for us, but it was correct, since the agency performed the work in good faith and implemented the projects within the shortest possible time, demonstrating its professionalism and efficiency.


Manager of the Department of Marketing and Advertising within Group INGRAD (former Domus-Finance)
– We chose agency GEMS to develop naming, logotype, corporate style, and interior and exterior design for a chain of shops. We decided on GEMS since already during our first meeting it became obvious that its employees are professionals knowledgeable in the issues of branding. The result produced only positive impressions: they proposed creative and modern solutions that are easy to realize.


Marketing Director of NAK LLC and TM-Service LLC (GC Dionis Group)

Samples of our working presentations

In order to vividly evaluate the quality of our work, we offer you to see several fragments from the implemented projects on branding and development of marketing materials.

Strategy.pdf (1 MB) Situational analysis
and development
of a positioning platform
for a chain of shops
with Serbian furniture
and home accessories
(3 variants of the
positioning concept).
Naming.pdf (27 MB) Creation of a brand name
for a big manufacturer
of industrial automation
(joint production,
innovative technologies).
Graphical presentation
of the best
Logotype.pdf (6 MB) Development of a
corporate logo concept
for a new brand of
children’s furniture
(0-3 years old,
Russia - Italy).
Detailed presentation
of 7 concepts.
Identity.pdf (2 MB) Development of a
corporate style
concept for the Group
of Companies Promsila
(gas technologies,
construction). Detailed
presentation of
2 variants.
Packaging.pdf (3 MB) Development
of a package
design concept
for a new brand of
women’s low-alcohol
cocktails in an
aluminum bottle.
4 concepts.

Flexible price policy

GEMS team has experience of work with projects of different scale - from brands of the federal level to small local companies. Our technology enables adapting of a composition of works to a budget while preserving high quality of execution at every stage.
You can always order extra options in the process of development.

options included in the packet (can be ordered separately) Economic Standard Premium
standard project group, persons 3-5 5-7 7
short situational analysis and formation of a concept
of brand positioning
detailed situational analysis (phone interviews and
strategic sessions, desk research, purchase
and analysis of readymade researches)
development of a detailed brand platform with the proposal
of 3 positioning concepts at option
development of a communication brand strategy
number of creative concepts proposed at option 3 5 7
brand legal expertise and registration
quick testing of concepts proposed (online questionnaire
of 200-300 representatives of the target audience using
a specially developed method)
designer supervision over the manufacture of all marketing
materials developed

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